Basic understanding of Alchemy for dummies

Propaganda succeeded in convincing people that Alchemy is a chimera. The word alchemy is used today for computer softwares and very often when people have a lack of words to explain a situation , the word alchemy is used , for example : alchemy of wine , alchemy of writing, ...It really traduces a degeneracy of brain, probably too much bad fats in the people feeding. For that reason it seems appropriate to give some clues that will help to associate with the word Alchemy facts known for centuries.

    Luminescence and its relation with alchemy.

Luminescencs of minerals has been observed by Man thousands years ago. We may find in old alchemy books some references to the luminescence of mineral which is named The Light of Nature :
The  Light  of  Nature

Of course, it exists simple devices to separate UV from sun light which were known centuries ago. Many miners had also noted the glittering of minerals in mines. You need to read Basile Valentin books or old mineralogy books , for example : Agricola, Metallographia Or An History of Metals , John Webster (1671)

    Nuclear radiations and Alchemy.
Some alchemists have observed the powerful action of invisible substance upon things, and it is quite obvious that centuries before Becquerel and the Polish girl Maria Sklodowska they have a precise knowledge of nuclear properties of matter :

Lead sheet wee used by alchemists :

Protection against radiations

    The Alchemy Process : A Nuclear Reactor for Nuclear Synthesis of Super Heavy Elements.

The Alchemy process to produce the Stone is the result of a precise understanding of the properties of matter . The source of this knowledge is a mystery, the best way to get the answer to this question is to establish a correlation between uranium ores deposits and alchemists (from - 5000 to 1890 ) . Also check the relation gold / uranium : both elements are very often associated : South Africa , France , Mexico . Native silver is also associated with Pechblende : Joachimsthal (Tchekoslovakia). Because of the chemical properties of uranium, it has never been a problem for true alchemists to extract it from ores.
The reason why the Alchemy process refers to the making of a micro natural nuclear reactor is also quite clear : the step of multiplication of the Stone is the exact description of the nuclear process involved : an exponential law.
The feasibility of the alchemy process depends on the natural process of synergy of nuclear reactions I proposed years ago.


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