Linear regression - Borland C++
From a set of data you may compute the equation of the Line.
You may also draw the line , points or even from a points get the equation.

It has ben a very good training for learning Borland C++ Builder Standard 1.0 .
This basic software could be useful. I added a sofware to capture the graph as bmp, jpg, ...

  Linear regression, and others - Visual Basic 6
The same , but un VB6. It also includes several curves : exponential, ......

It works only on Windows having auxiliary files.

  Nuclear reactivity of chemical systems of uranium. - Borland C++ Standard 1.0
The software is based on elementary analysis of a system containing uranium. Computation involves : atoms/cm3 , and cross-sections of the system. Values of microcopical cross-section are given only for thermal neutrons. The case involves natural UO2F2 , then enrich UO2F2 (4% U-235).
The ūprpose of the sofware is to know about inluence of chemical upon the Coefficient k. : if k > 1 the systm operates alone. Auxiliary neutron neutron source may be taken into account increasing the average number of neutrons from fission.
The VB5 Software includes Data Base of Cross-sections from Thermal energy to 14 MeV, it is not the case of the Borland C++ Builder 1.0 software.

  Compute the Q-Reaction. - Borland C++ Standard 1.0
The software is used to compute the Q Energy of nuclear reactions. Because BDE (Borland Database Engine) is a very limitating tool which depends on windows software, I used a diffrent way. The database of isotopes ( around 2700 items) made with Access , has been converted with Excel 5.0 to an Excel database, data have been checked as well as the format of data . The problem arises with the conversion of the Excel database to a DB IV database : only 5 digits are conserved , that is quite bad for Q-reaction computing.
I introduced in the Software all theses Excel data, so no need of BDE, and I gave the possibility of , eventually, modify the value of uma for isotopes involved in the nuclear reaction. All uma isotopes values have been taken in : Handbook of chemistry and physics - 76 th edition - 1995-1996.

You should note that the nuclear reaction : D + Li-11 is a very exoenergetical nuclear reaction , certainly used in recent thermonuclear weapons, that explains why USA wants to rob, as usual all around the world, the Lithium deposits of Bolivia.



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