Nuclear activity of alchemy mixture

Very intense bursts of activity have been observed during alchemy experiments. They appear to be typical of the alchemy process conducing to the Philosopher's Stone, identified as a fluoride of Superheavy elements. They are presented below :

This is the first experiment made in June 1986 : nuclear reactivity has been measured with a Leybold counter. Let note that a single peak of reactivity started few minutes after a very intense burst of gamma rays.

Other experiment made six years later in a different country , displayed the same kind of intense nuclear reactivity :

Each line corresponds to 120 seconds counting in a precise zone of energy. Let note the duration of the nuclear reactivity, and more interesting is that the nuclear reactivity started with a single peak that occured during the two minutes counting.

Below is activity observed during a single experiment made in different conditions.

Study of the nuclear reactivity of an alchemy experiment must be done with special apparatus. For example a Multichannel Analyzer that operates cyclicly.


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