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  Albert CAU laboratory

It is a self financed laboratory dedicated to the scientific study of alchemy... Why ? ... Because State Scientists refused to consider alchemy as a possible scientific fact it was necessary in order to know the true that a free man of science uses his money to understand, using modern scientific tools and data, what is the making of the so-called Pilosopher's Stone.
I have to mention that it exists some sponsors (around 0.1% of the investment) who are interested by the research method in order to know more about the action of mind upon experiments.
The experimental work requires an absolute quietness in order to have you mind completely dedicated to the experiment running on. Therefore the hardest part of the research is not alchemy understanding but the setting of the research area, that represents in France a titan work because one of the main feature of french people is to spend his time looking for any new way of disturbing you.
I tried to set up a high tech laboratory for the study of this old science. Despite my interest for the making of nuclear detectors, I finally decided to buy top CdTe gamma detectors and a multichannel analyzer because it appears that more precise is the identification of radioactive species in the mixture, better is the understanding of the alchemy process briefly described in my book.
Later I completed the Radiochemistry laboratory with news equipments of alpha spectroscopy.
To complete the work I set up a Microchemistry Laboratory.

  γ   Spectrometry
  α   Spectrometry
  Microchemistry Laboratory

Spagyric experiments are a part of the research work because there are always interesting informations to get.
Computer treatment of data has required the creation of softwares : to run pulse counting cards and to process nuclear data in order to determine the feasibility of several groups of nuclear reactions producing silver or gold. I used Visual Basic 5 to get quickly the software, despite I prefer Borland C++ builder.


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