Super Heavy Elements

The Structure factor

   We know chemical elements as a serie of atomic number ( Z ) , from Hydrogen (Z = 1) to Uranium (Z = 92), that goes further till Mendelevium (Z = 101). elements with Z > 101 are the product of fantasm of nuclear physicists which is the result of their need to get more credits payed by the taxpayers, in order to protect their job... In more concise terms : How may sayings of nuclear physicists be reliable since we all know that the publicity they attach to their job is to pick your money ?
What nuclear physicists did not succeed is the simple idea of the classification of chemical elements according a reference element. It is a trivial idea commonly applied in all fields of our society. For example, snobbish people love to consider themselves as different from the mass of workers because they are able to demonstrate you that in their genealogy they have some attachs with Europe aristocraty; in concise terms, in the past you were slave, while their ancesters were the boss.
If you have differents kind of insects, you may classify it according one or more criterium in order to find a new relation of existence of insects.
This philosophical point of view being said, I proposed in 1984 to find a relation between chemical elements considering Gold (Z = 79) as the reference element. The reason of the choice of Gold is quite evident :

- On Earth, gold is a monoisotopic element ( A = 197 )
- Chemical properties of Gold are exceptional
- Gold is the final product of many spagyrics experiments (reactions between light elements conduce to gold; Silver is often obtained as intermediary product)

Therefore I had to find a mathematical relation of distribution of all chemical elements using gold as reference : Z = 79 and A = 197.
Since it was question of a kinf of chemical element perfection, It is clear that all monoisotopic element found in nature own a kind of perfection, and these elements constitutes the skeleton ( the word is appropriate since animals are made with atoms) of an hypothetical curve I named Structure Factor curve.

What is the interest of such curve ?

Political leaders will quickly understand the use of the curve because they are familiar with gurus who may predict them their future ( By the way : it is a big sin to do so). The Stucture Factor curve may permit to deduce the distribution of chemical elements if we get the mathematical relation between Z and A. I did the job using statistics and got the final Structure Factor curve.

Something wrong ?

When I presented that result in june 1984 to the French Academy of science, the censor did not find the interest of that speculation, but polite as they are , because it was not question of a direct attack against the nuclear physicist power (because they made the bomb, they think they are like God : it is also a very big sin), the paper has been put in archives.
The interesting part of the curve is the position of very heavy elements. we observe that for Super Heavy elements, the value of f(Z,A) is unique, like for gold for which f(Z,A) = 1 , it means that SHE should have outstanding properties, but what is more interesting is that the value of f(Z,A) remains almost constant that means that at that point, the nucleus is so heavy that it does not exist any difference between all SHE with Z > 126 , we have a condensate of neutrons, and a very unstable compound if the electronis shells react with the nucleus : it is the Philosopher's Stone of alchemists ! , the SHE fluoride of Z = 126 ( in order to make happy G.T. Seaborg).


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