Scientific study of Alchemy

An outstanding challenge

If you observe that constant human body temperature is a result of a perfect balance between two physicochemical processes : those that generate heat and other that absorb heat, therefore you might be able to understand how works alchemy.

  According Roger Bacon and old alchemists alchemy is the science of the making of a compound named Philosopher's Stone which has the property to change imperfect metals in gold or silver.

  Since a chemical compound with such properties does not belong to any chemical compound prepared by Man, we have to admit that since it exists, it is necessarily the chemical compound of a new element : a Super Heavy element, with Z = 126 ( probably the most stable state of the SHE which is a neutron condensate, the last chemical element); I have named it   Trinitium,   Tn   It is the gift of God, according alchemists, and Bernard le Trévisan, famous XV century alchemist who said :

Do the gross subtle, and do the subtle thick, so you will obtain the glory of God.

In clear, the Philosopher's Stone is named the glory of God to emphasize the sacred power of our Creator upon all things in the universe.

  Consequently the synthesis of the Philosopher's Stone involves necessarily to use as starting materials : uranium as the energy source and fluorine as stabilizer of the nuclei. And the unique physics of the process of synthesis is a Synergy of nuclear reactions * : a balance between endoenergetics nuclear reactions and exoenergetics nuclear reactions of fusions uranium - light elements.

  There is nothing more to say about alchemy : you know everything you need to prepare the Philosopher's Stone of old alchemists; of course you are supposed to have excellent skills in applied chemistry and extraction elements. If you have a good practice of nuclear spectrometry and analytical chemistry, it is the plus that will make the difference with others searchers. Evidently I say nothing about mining prospection and mineralogy, it is basic science, the same for reading of old alchemy treatises : I give you keys of understanding these books : avoid french books , avoid translations or use it with other foreign language (when you use a translation, you try to understand what the translator tryied to translate correctly, so you decrease you abillity to correctly find the right answer to your question.

I have published what is said above in a book in april 1995, and experiments have confirmed the validity of the analysis of old alchemy treatises. The interesting point is that it is the first book in the history of alchemy that proposes a rational explanation of alchemy confirmed by experiments. So I am a little surprised of the actitude of nuclear scientists who may not accept that an obscure chemist succeeded in explaining them how are synthesized superheavy ( super heavy ) elements in nature, which is also the unique possible path as it may be proved by the failure of all nuclear science experiments using cyclotrons and other ...trons. Nuclear scientists must remenber that in the case of Super Heavy elements , the winner is not the scientist who declares that he observed the decay of something which consequently is related to a superheavy element, but the searcher who proves he synthesized a macroscopic amount of a compound of which properties do not belong to any existing element.

At the present day of May 2010 I may claim that the historical problem of alchemy is solved for the following reasons :
- A theory has been the beginning of the solution :
       * The Stone is necessarily a chemical compound of Superheavy element
       * The alchemists used Pechblende (UO2) and Fluorite (CaF2)
       * A Synergy of nuclear reactions is required to reach Superheavy element
       * The equation of production of Superheavy element is :
       * The secret of alchemist is how to get an enrich mixt (high content of U-235)
       * The Stone is created in a pseudo-critical natural nuclear reactor.
- Experiments confirm the theory :

   The theory has been proved via a set of independant experiments in order to establish correlations between old alchemy books and theory. But you should note that the equation of production of Superheavy element contains in itself the solution of the problem : high grade of nuclear fissions and precise chemical composition in order to maximize the creation of the Superheavy element.
       * Strong nuclear activity observed in 1986 (result sent to G.T. Seaborg)
       * Strong nuclear activity observed in 1996 and 2001
       * Discovery of the enrichment method of alchemists
       * Method to identify created Superheavy element
It becomes clear that at least 1000 years ago people knew nuclear fission of uranium and its application to produce Superheavy elements. Nuclear physicists have discovered nothing except how to eliminate thousands of people in a few seconds. Regarding the extermination of people, France became leader in 1789, then Hitler wins the gold medal till USA got it in 1945 and since then remains the unique and true leader in people extermination.
The other question that arises is where this knowledge comes from ? It could be the remanent know-how of disappeared civilisations : more sophisticated is a civilisation, more quickly it disappears.

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*to resume the physics of superheavy elements synthesis : fission products collide with uranium so an amount of energy is gained by uranium which may react with protons, so uranium get more energy and may get a fusion with light elements present in the mixture. So the yield of SHE depends on the fission rate and the correct proportion of other elements. Since I proposed this physics in 1991 and managed to communicate my book in USA to a searcher working with a MIT scientist in 1996, at least one workshop has been made :

The International Workshop on Multistep nuclear reactions was held in Trento from July 27th until July 31st, 1998
Organizers: A. Kerman (MIT), M. Chadwick.
There were 29 participating scientists and representatives of various institutions.

Where did they get the idea of Multistep nuclear reactions ?
Is it the divine providence ?
It must be remembered that before it was said nothing about fission products, except they catch electrons after loosing their energy in the medium.... in nuclear reactors, uranium is generally present as metal or oxyde in a rod protected with zirconium alloy.


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