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Transmutation producing Silver
Transmutation producing Platinium
Transmutation producing Gold

Transmutation producing Silver

In circumstances I will not describe here I have observed the production of 10.9 g of radioactive silver during a high temperature experiment from a mixture weighting around 100 g. As a matter of facts I got surprised by such result, but I quickly understood the reason of the high yield of transmutation.
We know that old alchemists used to prepare two Stones : the White and the Red. They say that the White Stone is able to transmute imperfect metals into silver, but it appears that this silver is in fact platinium. It does not means that silver may not be produced in other way.
Let consider the supposed nuclear properties of the White Stone. If we refer to nuclear scientists, some of them say that super heavy elements are fissile. Therefore we may expect that fission fragments have a very high energy that permit to initiate the synergy process (It is the main result of my research work about old alchemy understanding) of nuclear reactions that conduces to silver, but not to gold because it exists a barrier of lanthanides that requires a lot more of energy to reach gold.
The point is that super heavy elements may act in two different way :
- The first one is a frequent case in nature that explains why silver is often associated with uranium, like in the Joachimsthal ore. It involves the fissil property of the super heavy element, active part of the White Stone. The probability to obtain silver if a lot higher that the probability to get gold.
- The second case occurs when the White Stone is used with an imperfect metal. In that case the fissil property of the super heavy element is not involved because we first have a chemical reaction between the superheavy element fluoride and the metal to be transmuted. The fluoride of super heavy element is destroyed and the free nucleus quickly disintegrates itself into an energetic beam of neutrons which is able to transmute the base metal in platinium. when using mercury.
Any kind of transmutation may occur in nature if the minimum energy to start the synergy process is available. Low results obtained by XX century scientists is explained by the fact that the transmutation process is not correctly made since not only a liquid state is not realized for a long time, but also because the activation energy to start the synergy process is reduced to a few activation points. When using the White Stone, we get a very high number of activation points, and we may create the conditions to have a liquid state during a long time (one hour), that was the case during the production of the 10 g of silver.
The equation of production of transmuted element may be described by :

in which N_activé represents the activation points created by the fissil super heavy element.

A problem occurs with the identification of Ag-109m. Two months later the spectra of the silver has been taken, and anomalous observations have been made :
- the total gamma activity of the sample did not decrease
- the ratio of Ag-109m /Pb-210 activities increased
Identification of silver made with chemical test proves that a silver isotope is responsible for the 20 KeV peak, but it is not Ag-109m which has a period of 39.6 seconds, so it could be Ag-108m which has a period of 127.000 years , ... the problem now is that peaks of higher probabilities are not present. Therefore the problem still exists.
If we suppose it is not a silver isotope, so the identification conduces to Cadmium and Rhenium isotopes, ... and the same problem occurs with laking peaks of higher probabilities.

The spectra of silver taken three months later :

You will note the relative height of Ag/Pb peaks... It mean that the identified Ag-109m peak could be other silver isotope , Ag-108m for example.

Transmutation producing Platinium

Transmutation producing Gold


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