Scientific meaning of old Alchemy treatises

The only way to understand the meaning of alchemy writings is to place them in their historical context and to extract concrete data that should be analyzed by modern science. Nevertheless I must precise that often alchemists wrote using the accepted alchemy theory of the process, so especially in the case of pictures our job will be to relate the picture with the used alchemy theory.
It is wrong to think that all alchemy writings are true, what I want to say is that it appears that around 90% of existing alchemy books are quite useless for our research work. The Louis Figuier book, Alchemy and Alchemist (1854) , as well as notes from known chemists : Chevreul, Berthelot, clearly demonstrates that it existed very few true alchemists who really succeeded in the making of the Philosopher's Stone, less than ten. Does it means it exists several kind of alchemy ? Not at all because the right alchemy produces a specific compound with a set of physical , chemical and nuclear outstanding properties. What is named alchemy and does not match with a precise process to produce the special compound, is only and exclusively bullshit.
     How is made the selection of good alchemy writings ?
The answer is quite an evidence. We all know that alchemists never named the minerals required by the work, but it is not so exact because all true alchemists who, evidently, knew these minerals and their properties, wrote a lot about the samples they found in a peculiar mine. The true fact is that alchemy theory has been created to indicate us where to find the right minerals and how to process it. So in the mind of Old Alchemists we only need to know which are the right minerals required by the work to know , taking into account our common art skills, what to do with these minerals.
     Example of alchemy picture interpretation
I could analyze the Mutus Liber, but it is your job to do it. So I choose to explain you the picture (of reduced size ? ) of introduction of Lambspring (Adam Mc Lean at sells the pictures):

The first observation is that I noted different pictures in several editions of the book. In that case lambs look to the left, in other the look to the right. But that is not so important.
Since we note two lambs we may correlate them to the materials required for the Work.
- Our minerals are of same nature : picture has two lambs
- One is fixed, the other is volatile : one lamb on the ground, the other in the air
It seems that the lamb on the ground is blind; it is the direct indication of the name of blends, ... so pechblende. But in other modern printed picture I did not observe that, therefore you should find original book of Lambspring to precise that point.
Lambspring name has a relation with water. The German wanted to tell us that spring season corresponds to snow melting, ... The helmet may be related with the flask of the Art, and also to the nature of the mineral identifed as pechblende : inside exists Life. Where there is Life there is Light and where there is Light there is Fire. So we have to extract the internal Fire in a lot more peaceful way that did US in Hiroshima.
The green colour indicates the U(IV) state. It also indicates us that the matter is not mature and that our job is to process it until we get the red fruit of the Art.

     Identification of Pechblende (uraninite) as the required mineral. ?
Some ignorant people refuse to accept that the making of the Philosopher'Stone involves a set of nuclear reactions, more exactly a synergy of nuclear reactions that lead to a macroscopical amount of a new element : a superheavy element I named Trinitium ( Tn). Below is a short discret demonstration of the identity of pechblende obtained from the analysis of the Twelves keys , by Basile Valentin , a German Benedictine and outstanding chemist. Because this demonstration uses the Diderot Encyclpedia, it is for french speaking readers.
Il s'agit de la première clé :

Les deux premiers paragraphes identifient la matière première pour peu que nous sachions, par la lecture de textes anciens (par exemple la Tourbe des Philosophes), que celle-ci est vile, pesante, noire.
Ils sont à mettre en relation avec ce que dit Diderot dans son Encyclopédie au mot blende :

Considérée comme un déchet sans valeur, elle pouvait aussi être utilisée pour falsifier le minerai d'argent vendu.

Les texte insiste fortement sur le visuel , blende vient de blind , blenden (qui aveugle). Basile Valentin étant allemand, on ne peut que noter ce discret, mais conseil précis : rechercher un minéral que certains ont devant les yeux sans le voir. La page 59 est vraiment le maximum que l'on puisse faire pour indiquer le nom de la matière première.
En page 56 nous avons des détails concernant la préparation, d'une précision remarquable. Le Loup , c'est à dire Wolf en allemand qui se lit à l'envers Flow ( Anglais : couler ) , Fluβ( Allemand : fleuve ) , Fluere en Latin qui signifie couler... Et les caractéristiques du composé obtenu.
Basile Valentin, un moine, comment pourrait-il nous mentir ?   Le mensonge est la marque caractéristique de Satan et ceux qui l'adorent avec une faucille & marteau ou un compas & équerre

Pour preuve :

I recently found on the a Net Forum : some anonymous criticisms about that research work : the animal choose the pseudo of BeautifulEvil that matches perfectly with one of the Satan's criterion , the narcissism of the fallen angel ,... it is probably the reason that decided God to give to each human being an ass hole in order to make us understand that whatever we eat is potentialy a big shit. It is also well known that Satan, the Evil, is the father of lie : Jesus Christ told it , so we should consider very cautiously what wrote BeautifulEvil :

Evils are considered as intelligent entities created by God, .... but, .... and that is the key point : they are quite stupid ! In several occasions Jesus Christ proved it (ask your Pastor). BeautifulEvil says that " the Philosopher's Stone can be created with virtually any prima materia if you carry out the correct processes, and you add the right substances." . You may translate it as " You may travel to Mars with virtually any locomotion tool if you use the right one." for example ...
What I want to emphasize is that what made Science is precision and facts. Below are two quotes from the Hermetic Triumph which indicate us that the mineral used for the making of the Stone is unique.

Other proof of the infinite stupidity of Beautifulevil is exposed below :

Pechblende (source of uranium) as a distinct mineral has been discovered in 1789 by the German chemist-mineralogist Klaproth : it does not mean that the mineral was unknown : I invite you to read about pechblende.

By the way , BeautifulEvil was replying to Spectre, a fellow Chetan companion, who wrote funny remarks :

Other animal which is the typical French sucker choose the name of Green Lyon.

Quotes come from an alchemy forum site, mainly squatted by Frenshits.
Tungsten is from a Spannish speaking country , he started by putting water on the warm oil, regarding the subject of the matter of alchemist :

A short and precise statement : at least Tungsten knows about my research work and has made his opinion. Androginus who is the typical kind of sitor who desesperatley searchs on the web informations regarding alchemy because he found more interesting to pick the job of other than to work himself. The common name for this guy is "Souffleur"

Tungsten made reference to a website, in spannish, I had few years ago, it does not exist anymore, like the IAP.

There comes the roaring of our animal , Green Lion , the typical Frenshit who thinks he is the summum of excellency. I bet he belongs to the Satanic Sect of free-massons, like the guy on Wikipedia, Tiernavael who finally admitted to be a free-masson who love cigars (I wonder how he uses this kind of stuff :lol:)

If you read the precedent writtings of Green Lion , you will note the animal was trying to prove he is the animal who knows, the matter has something to do with black hole, ... in short : it was a lot of incoherencies which caracterize mythomaniac. What the animal does not know it that I gave that recipe of transmutation found in an old book, but not the reference of the author, only the date, 1745. The purpose of the recipe is to demonstrate that the fact of transmutations is known for years. With pure silver and Calcium oxyde , you may produce traces of gold, ... and if you modify the conditions, you may increase the yield and get an intersting return.
Since transmutations are a fact of nature, it results that via a similar process it is possible to produce the Stone : which similar process obeys , of course, to the equation of production of the Stone.
The true fact is that Green Lion is not at all a scientist, ... worse, he knows nothing about Science , but I will demonstrate later that he is an real idiot. If I do not explain old treatises of alchemy, it is only for one reason : why I should do it ? I understand, so it's enough. Moreover, if alchemy has to be explained, this must be done taking into account scientific knowledge , and using scientific tools ; all other actitude is pure lionshit.

Brother Rogerc approuves the saying of Green Lion , similar IQ always swim in the same water. Regarding what is known as the Elixir , it is not in my intention to feed pigs with wheat.

Tungsten tried unsuccessfully to make understand to the animals that my research work is based on experiments and their explanation.

Brother rogerc who seems to live in USA, knows Art Kunkin a guy I wrote few years ago and who found very logical to choose pechblende (UO2) as prima materia , he quickly wrote a book claiming he is the great alchemist of the century :lol: . Regarding Fulcanelli , rogerc is wrong, because Fulcanelli only quotes Gustave Le Bon, Les Demeures Philosophales, p.16

Gustave Le Bon. — « Il est possible qu’on transforme l’acier en or, comme on transforme, dit- (135) on, l’uranium en radium et en hélium, mais ces transformations ne porteront vraisemblablement que sur des milliardièmes de milligrammes, et il serait alors beaucoup plus économique de retirer l’or de la mer qui en contient des tonnes. »

Fulcanelli is a myth created by people who plagiarized a book of alchemy . Canseliet who also spread everywhere that Marie Curie was doing alchemy has used the myth of Fulcanelli for his business, but neither Canseliet nor Fulcanelli did anything to clarify the problem of alchemy.

Pierre Curie était un ami intime de Fulcanelli. célèbre et mystérieux alchimiste . - Dans "Le Feu du Soleil" de Robert Amadou. Entretien sur l'alchimie avec Eugène Canseliet, 1978, il est dit: "Pierre Curie s'occupait d'alchimie . Les conversations de Fulcanelli ne laissaient aucun doute à cet égard. Dans la petite exposition dont j'ai fourni le matériel à la Librairie du Merveilleux. rue Condorcet, en 1975. ont figuré des ustensiles qui avaient appartenu à Pierre Curie" qui passerent à Fulcanelli et que celui-ci m'a offerts ." (p.63)

Canseliet is the unique witness of Fulcanelli , but we know that Canseliet failed all alchemy experiments that is corroborated by the "Testament of Solazaref" and other people I met years ago. So , If Fulcanelli was a master, Canseliet has been a very bad student. :lol:
Regarding Jacques Bergier , he graduated in nuclear physics . I checked wad remains of his writings , and noted that he had several collaborators in Soviet Union, but I found nothing regarding nuclear physics (free-massons from CEA have surely robed existing writings).

Green Lion remains on his position. We learn that Green Lion knows about Pechblende and Fluorite since he bought my book, and he probably got uranium mineral to make experiments. So now let you show what kind of sucker is Green Lion , you will also see why he choose Green Lion as anonymous Deconaute.

What a good idea to put picture. As a spêcialist I may quickly identify with enough probaility that you worked with a mixture of uranium, the yellow solid phase is uranyl salt , UO2++, and the liquid phase is UO2++ reduced to U+4 of a green color.

Green Lion lies when he pretends this mixture to be out of range of our understanding. He used defined chemicals to get this result, but he works like pig , and I am sure pigs work better than him. If he was so upset against Tungsten, it was evidently because Tungsten told in decent terms what are the materia of Philosophers. Like all Frenchit free-massons, Green Lion think that the knowledge of alchemy is exclusively reserved to his Satanic Sect, and therefore his jealousy push him to lie about all a process he neved discovered, but stole to other.

In 1995, a Frenchit free-masson told me "Now you wrote this book, we do not need you" , sure , ... but I am still here to demonstrate what you are.

Green Lion says he used gold. To dissolve gold you need at least aqua regia , but the funny is to know : what for gold ? To get the green color he added a reducing agent , no matter of his choice : he made a mess. But how good is it to him to see the excitation of his IQ brothers.

Sure , he will persist to say that there is no proof that I am right, so watch here :

Oxydation states of Uranium

Chemistry of Uranium

What Green Lion named the Philosphical Mercury is only a U(IV) solution. Alchemy is Science , and Science may prove that Green Lion is a crook.


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