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  Why SHE nuclear synthesis is the secret of alchemy ?
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  Why SHE nuclear synthesis is the secret of alchemy ?

For years nuclear physicists searched to extend the periodic table till they observed that more the charge of the nucleus increases, less the element is stable, and that they related the spontaneous fission parameter with Z^2/A.
On an other hand , the study of interaction of protons on nuclei demonstrated that when nuclei have a peculiar number of protons or neutrons, the nuclei are more stable; they could name these numbers, the fucking numbers, but finally they decided to call them the magic number because these nuclear scientists used to watch the daily US TV program about the witches. . Therefore they thought that the structure of the nucleus could be similar to the outer electronics shells of atom, and they proposed the nucleus shell model. As a matter of facts, it does not exist a unique theory for the nucleus since for light elements, an alpha model describes correctly the nuclei.
The interesting part of these magic numbers, is that if you find a mathematical relation between these numbers , you will be able to get higher numbers that could be related with very heavy nuclei, .... and since you know that lighter elements with these numbers are stable, you are conduced to think that the very heavy elements with extrapolated magic numbres should be stable !
We were in 1960 when the idea of Super Heavy Elements existence occured, ... but all attempts to produce the elements failed, as well the search in nature. Of course it is not appropriate to take into account some papers that present strong evidences of SHE because if you investigate a little more you will quickly discover that the purpose of these papers was to collect funds from taxpayers in order to pursue the very expensive chimera of nuclear scientists : producing SHE using cyclotrons : A + B ----> C .
Here is a scientific paper about SHE synthesis

  How is the Philosopher's Stone of alchemists ?

All old alchemists aggree to say that the Philosopher's Stone is a very heavy compound, for example the Benedictine Monk Basilius Valentinus (C.10e - around 1550):

This Tincture is of a colour intermediate between red and purple, with something of a granite hue, and its specific weight is very considerable.

Chemists know that following the indications given by alchemits : use of strong acids and salts, heating during months;, ... you may not obtain an element, but its salt. So the Philosopher's Stone of alchemists is necessarily, because of its properties, the salt of an unknown element which belongs to the group of Super Heavy elements. To be more precise, it seems that only two super heavy elements may exist : the first with Z around 114 exists as a white fluoride, and the second with Z around 126 exists as a red fluoride.
Since alchemy research is more an investigation than a research, I say now that the Super Heavy elements around Z = 126 , I named Trinitium, is necessarily the last Úlement of the chemical table, and has extraordinarious properties one of which being the property to absorb light nuclei to become a kind of neutron atom ! stabilized by fluoride shell : see f(Z,A) to understand why.
Taking into account several properties of the Philosopher's Stone : very high density, stability against fission, we may deduce if we consider the position of the active element of the Stone on the f(Z,A) curve that Trinitium may absorb a considerable number of nucleons without any strong change of the f(Z,A) value. With such property Trinitium may be considered as a kind of an elementary black hole; the consequence is the high density of the Stone and the ability to give transmutation with a very high yield (transmutatio power). Moreover it also means that in the creation medium the germ of Trinitium fluoride becomes a neutron absorber and consequently we get a decrease of the yield of production if during the synthesis we do not operate as indicated in some alchemy treatises.

  The White Stone

According old alchemy books the property of the White Stone is to transmute mercury into gold. It means that we should have a fission of mercury : a process that seems not probable. In fact it appears that the White Stone considered as a Super Heavy element lighter than Trinitium which is supposed to be the SHE , Z = 126, is also a fluoride compound of SHE with properties similar to Trinitium. Many alchemy searchers and writters of alchemy books have deduced from the chemical property of silver produced with the White Stone : it is attacked by nitric acid, that it shoul be the silver, Z = 47. But it may not not the case : the White Stone is able to transmute mercury into the white alloy gold-platinium (around 90/10) that is soluble in nitric acid, a curious fact since gold and platinium alone are not dissolved by nitric acid.
To get the Red Stone from the White Stone, just keep on cooking the White Stone with Our Mercury. It should be noted that that making of the White Stone has been always considered as a required step of the maing of the Red Stone.

  Why I named the last chemical element Trinitium , Tn ?

The use to name chemical elements with names of people, that started when Hitler was fighting the bolchevic coalition, demonstrates the greedily motivation of scientists paid with our taxes. I wonder why IUPAC did not propose to change the name of common elements in order to call them, Bushium, Bill Gatium, Clintonium, Ben Ladenium, Sadamium, Hitlerium, Stalinium, Chiracium, .... one could pay to have his name used as chemical symbol ? This psychological state of scientific research results from the hollow mind and egocentric spirit of scientists.
Klaproth, who identified Uranium in 1789, did not name the element Klaprothium and shew to mankind, three hundred years later, that he was not only a competent chemist but a very respectable person . By the way, chemists, with a few exceptions I will not precise, appear to be very nice guys. I suspect that scientists who take themselves in serious are not as good as they think to be : a true scientist is like a child : curious , ingenuous and ingenious.
The understanding of our world appear a lot easier if we consider that this world has been created by God, therefore if you want to understand it, ask Him to give you the right thinking regarding the problem you want to resolve. It is exactly what did old alchemists centuries ago :

Let the holy Will of God perform what it pleases, though I confess myself an unworthy instrument through whom such great things should be effected. (1645 - anonymous)
It means that God will give you the clues to reach the end of the work, only if He wants it. Basilius Valentinus says the same thing :

Though I did not make much progress at first, yet at last God granted my earnest prayer, and openend my eyes that I mihgt see what others had seen before me....
Let me tell you, then, that although many are engaged in the search after this Stone, it is nevertheless found by very few. For God never intended that it should become generally known. It is rather to be regarded as a gift which He reserves for those favoured few, who love the truth, and hate falsehood, who study our Art earnestly by day by night, and whose hearts are set upon God with unfeigned affection.
Hence, if you would prepare our great and ancient Stone, I testify unto you in all truth that you must give diligent heed to my teaching, and before all things implore the gracious blessing of our Creator of all things. You must also repent you of all your sins, confessing the same, and firmly resolve to lead a good and holy life. It is also necessary that you should determine to shew your gratitude to God for His unspeakable Gift, by succouring the poor and the distressed, and by opening your hand and your heart to the needy. Then God will your labour, and reward your search with success, and yourself with a seat in Heaven as the fruit of your faith.

You have now probably understood why alchemy has remained a mystery for century . In our societies ruled by the bolchevics ideology it is not business to do scientific research like that : to make money modern slaves are needed, war are a necessity to improve technology and make business, ... here Satan is the boss, the Lucyfer trust represents him : God is a lier and with a world government we will show Him who is the boss here ! .
The Philosopher's Stone of Alchemist being a gift of God does not belong to any state , corporation or sects like the satanic french freemasonry. God will never permit to thieves that rule official science to pick up what belongs to Him, and to name it as if they were the genius who discovered the highest mystery of atom. So the unique name that may be given to the active element of the Philosopher's Stone of alchemists is , of course, Trinitium ,    Tn .

The race to produce SHE is not finished. Science may not accept to be ridiculized by old alchemists and a private independent searcher who did not need to use big computers to determine the position of the SHE that constitutes the Philosopher's Stone. More insulting for scientists sustained by taxpayers is that the private searcher did not use any kind of accelerator to produce more SHE than all the world money (if one atom of SHE is one cent), only with what our Creator gave us : the energy source contained in uranium, and the physics of synergy of nuclear reactions.
Sorry for official science that says :

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the US have retracted their claim to have discovered element 118. The retraction follows more detailed analysis of the original data at Berkeley and the failure of experiments at Berkeley, the RIKEN laboratory in Japan, and the GSI laboratory in Germany to observe the element.2 August 2001

It must be clear that nobody will oppose the Will of God.

  Equation of creation of SHE via synergy of nuclear reactions

Law of creation of Superheavy elements via synergy of nuclear reactions :
pi means the probability of creation from uranium fission
pj means the creation from excited SHE.

Since the discovery of radioactivity by state scientists it never occured to nuclear physicists that in nature it exists nuclear process based on a set of nuclear reactions like for chemical reactions. During a century nuclear physicists told us that all nuclear reactions may be represented by an equation such as :
A + B -----> C + D
In nuclear reactor neutros may only lose energy. Right, but what may happen for nuclei ?
In my search for the scientific understanding of alchemy I naturally came to the conclusion that the true law of nature is necessarily a law of equilibrium because God created a perfect world. The result is that creation of heavy elements requires a process that permits to get heavy elements from lighter elements, and consequently the natural law of synergy of nuclear reactions describes the formation of super heavy elements from the uranium (or thorium).
In 1991 I proposed to the French Academy of Sciences the physics of the synergy of nuclear reactions leading to Super heavy elements, ... but they did not accept it : it is a so evident law that how hard it is for those who think to are the excellence in science to recognize how stupid they have been during a century.... So I am very unwelcome among the nuclear physics community.
Read books of nuclear physics about fission fragments of uranium : it is fun.

  The search for Superheavy elements

You all heard about the wonderful discoveries of nuclear scientists : the ghost elements Z = 105 to 114 , ... this is the paranormal-nuclear science when they detected a spot on the scope, they quickly say that they have discovered a new element, ... poor new elements agonizing in the scope. But nuclear scientists quickly decided to give a name to all these ghost elements : Seaborgium, Hahnium, Fermium, Fuckium (?), .... but they are unable to produce weightable amounts of these elements that, from a materialistic point of view, are inexisting elements. Like for controlled thermonuclear fusion, they claim they need more money to synthesize the heavy elements, and taxpayers pay billions of dollars to sustain nuclear physic research programs.
Here is a paper published by a Russian laboratory dedicated to the search of Superheavy elements. You will note that it is said :

According to quantum electrodynamics, the well-known concept of an atom (E. Rutherford, 1932) as a system consisting of a nucleus that carries positive charge and practically all the atomic mass, and electrons that move at large distance from the nucleus, is correct up to atomic number Z ~ 170 or even higher. However, the existence of atoms (elements) is limited by the instability of the nucleus itself.

If you consider the curve I named Structural factor Curve you wille note that above Z = 126 , all elements should own the same structural character, it means that you have no definite element, but only a condensate of neutrons. The last chemical element I named Trinitium is in itself, for reasons I will not develop here, is an element with a variable number of neutrons. But the main question is : What is the place of Z = 126 on a Periodic Table ? ... Seaborg proposed a third serie of elements similar to Actinides. But it is wrong, Z = 126 does belong to a third serie, it belongs to nuclear scientists to say why. One day a theorician in Physics told me that when the fact is known, it takes around one month to elaborate a theory, ... like for the Climat change (lol) ; but in the case of Z = 126 , that may elaborate two theories, one for the extra serie and one for the normal place in order to choose the most appropriate paper at the right time and, of course they will claim that because they are genious they have realized the dream of alchemists (wrong thinking because how could they have suspected the stability of SHE without the suspicion of old alchemy books that talk about a wonderful compound named Stone ? ... It is for that reason I don't like suckers especially in science)



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